Platform: Windows

Idea4work is a modern application, which enables the management of programmatic project from any given place around the world, regardless of the used IDE. For the first time, work progress tracking device, error report functions and financial settlement mechanisms have been integrated into a single application. The application features a clear menu and user-friendly interface based on the recent trends in the field of “User Experience”. IDEA4WORKTM application not only stores basic information regarding programmers' qualification and experience but also statistic data concerning inter alia work effectiveness, salaries and the total number of hours worked. In addition, the application facilitates tasks management – activities such as: person's allocation, monitoring of the project's status, control of time spent on a given project and its costs, are conducted in real time. Another feature of the program is a work schedule management – regardless of the given time zone. What is most important, the application allows to check the availability of the employees assigned to a given project at any time. Idea4workTM is a perfect tool for everyone, who value comfort at work and well-being of their employees while also take good care of their clients. The mechanism of tracking print-screens and reporting errors, allows to record the work progress and assess client's expenditures with complete honesty. Trust our long-term experience in development and the tradition of producing high quality programmatic tools - choose the Idea4work application.